Working with lifelike mannequins will enhance your product display and ultimately increase your bottom-line.

Outdoors | Hunting | Fishing | Military | Tactical | Police

Through the Xtreme Mannequin product line, Mannequins International provide creative lifelike mannequins that are custom designed to fit your merchandising strategy. The outdoor oriented mannequins are the ideal solution when you need to display your products in an action, sport or outdoor environment. These realistic custom display mannequins will enhance your entire display concept. Whether you are a small boutique or a large retailer looking for a unique visual presentation, Mannequins International is your only solution.

FASHION MANNEQUINS: Realistic | Abstract | Partial Forms | Adult & Child

Regardless of your style or need, we can help you in achieving your presentation goals.
We support concepts as contemporary or as traditional as you need them to be. We offer realistic or abstract models, female or male as well as childrens mannequins are all available.

We are conveniently located between Miami and Palm Beach. Come see us and experience our showroom and let our products speak for themselves.

Mannequins Intl. Mannequins for all display needs


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